Range Control Technician

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Description/Job Summary


The Range Control Technician communicates with manned threat simulators and aircrew and assists Military controllers with mission coordination and execution.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Consistently demonstrate proper handling of Radio and Telephone procedures.

Make certain Link 16 equipment is configured properly and is ready for operations.

Confirm current crypto is loaded and ready for mission support.

Rapidly isolate system malfunctions and restore to an operational status.

Adapt to a variety of nonstandard problems, which require extensive operator intervention in coordination with outside agencies.

Train new users on unique mission support equipment.

Other Related Duties:

Performs other related duties as assigned.


High School Diploma or High School Equivalency.  Recent experience as a Threat Command and Control Operator or a Weapons Director.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required for this Position:
Familiarity of the Nellis Test and Training Range (NTTR) range boundaries and geographical references.  A knowledge of Air Force Tactics Techniques Procedures (AFTTP) 3-1 Volume II. Knowledge of the Command and Control of an Integrated Air Defense System.  Must have a thorough understanding of local Letters of Agreement, Memorandums of Understanding, and Flight Information Publications.

Experience with the Command and Control of an Integrated Air Defense System and operations of associated Combined Operations equipment (multi/single-channel radios, intercoms, Have Quick II/ Secure Voice radios, Digital Integrated Air Defense Simulator (DIADS), Nellis Airspace Weapons Control System (NAWCS), Link 16 Tactical Display Framework (TDF), Multi Source Coorelation Tracker (MSCT), Range Airspace Management System (RAMS), Blue Force Tracker (BFT), Digital Integrated Air Defense System (DIADS), Passive Detection (PD), Compunetix and Radio Electronic Combat Systems (RECS).  Should possess the ability to learn USAF operational brevity code words. 

Must have the ability to obtain and maintain a TS/SSBI/SCI Government Security Clearance.

Core Competencies:

Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective work relationship with other team members and those contacted while performing required duties.  Ability to communicate verbally and in writing.  Ability to choose or devise a course of action from several alternatives and alter or deviate from standard procedures if standard procedures do not provide a solution.

Work Environment, Physical and Mental Demands:

Typical office environment with no unusual hazards, extended lengths of sitting while using the computer, telephone and radio.  Ability to communicate verbally and in writing. Ability to operate computers to input and retrieve data accurately.  Constant use of sight abilities while using computer, constant use of speech/hearing abilities for communication, constant mental alertness.  Ability to travel as required by the Company.
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