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Description/Job Summary

Supply Supervisor (Inspection and Inventory) – RSS II
Purpose and Scope: 
Supervises all base supply inspection and inventory functions to include:
Managing quarterly shelve life validations, pulls items, total resource management (TRM) process, documentation of annual care of supplies in storage (COSIS) inspections, limited inspector training, semi-annual functional checks of items, Quarterly Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) validation, process organizational refusals, record reverse process, item identity change, TCTO validation, monthly Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) review, precious metals training, biennial PRMP staff assistances visits, warranty and guarantee validation, health hazard listing (R32), daily transaction listing (D04), stock screening process, suspect items received, unidentified property resolution, and shelf life management training.  
Developing annual inventory schedule, prepare inventory actions, conducts 100% physical inventory, research and correct out of balance conditions, perform special inventories, review M10 report, assigns and monitors  freeze codes, work the warehouse refusal process from cradle to grave and complete work after all research is completed.  Submits required documentation to 635 SCOW to freeze locations. Maintains property accounts and records, completing individual transactions, screening reference files, conducting data searches, and distributing output files.
Investigates and reconciles discrepancies relating to actions, such as receipt control, stock control, inventory adjustments, receipt processing and storage practices by searching different areas of the ILS-S and Logistics Installations Mission Support -Enterprise View (LIMS-EV) Ad Hoc Reporting (Business Objects) to extract information and identify reason(s) for transaction errors and failures. Traces previously researched and unresolved actions and responds to requester. Prepares adjustment forms to correct records and documents. Enters correct information into ILS-S.
Essential Responsibilities:
Performs work planning and work direction responsibilities. Plans use of workers, equipment, facilities, and materials on a daily or by project basis. Establishes work priorities, project schedules, resources, and detailed work plans. Follows customary work cycles and sequences in planning work assignments. Tracks and reports progress on work assignments and requests authority to adjust worker assignments and to use overtime, equipment, and materials to meet schedules. Adjusts schedules, priorities, and work sequences as necessary and makes minor deviations in procedures or redirects resources under their control to overcome problems such as equipment failure, material delays, or unplanned absences. Assigns work to individuals and provides technical direction and/or help in accomplishing difficult work steps and processes. Observes work in progress to anticipate and resolve problems, reassign personnel within group supervised; and coordinates work among workers and other supervisors to maintain work progress to meet schedules.
Inspects and evaluates inventory management activities. Periodically inspects activities for compliance with policies, procedures, and directives for accuracy.
Analyzes reports and records activities, reports inefficiencies to supervisors and recommends corrective actions to improve operations. Evaluates supply efficiency and equipment management activities. Uses management products to evaluate accounts.

Inspects and identifies property. Inspects conditions of property received. Compares property with procurement specifications. Identifies property, using technical data and blueprints, and identifies components to subassemblies. Performs shelf life inspections of stock.
All other duties as assigned.
Minimum Position Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:
Must have a working knowledge of Integrated Logistics System-Supply (ILS-S) processes, and procedures. Must be familiar with procedural Air Force requirements AFI 23-101, AFMAN 23-122 and AFH 23-123, AFMAN 23-203 ILS-S User’s Manual, DoD MANUAL 4140.27, VOLUME 1 and various Technical Manuals used to manage assets. 
Associate’s degree in related field such as logistics, or equivalent applicable work experience in the AF supply systems with an emphasis on Inspection Management and/ or Inventory Management Control, is preferred.  A minimum of two (2) years relevant work experience with a proven track record in scheduling and managing others.
Must possess and maintain a Secret level security clearance. Possess a valid state issued driver’s license. 

Work Environment, Physical Demands, and Mental Demands:
Must be able to operate up to a 10k capacity forklift and utilize material handling equipment. Must have a general knowledge of the Air Force warehouse supply functions. Must be able to repetitively hold/balance, reach, flex position, twist, stand, walk, stoop, kneel, squat/crouch, climb, and sit (all for short or long periods of time). Must have a full range of mobility and endurance and be able to lift objects that weigh a minimum of 45 pounds. Constant sitting while using the computer terminal, constant use of sight abilities while reviewing documents, constant use of speech/hearing abilities for communication, constant mental alertness, must possess planning/organizing skills, and must be able to work under deadlines.

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