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Description/Job Summary

Supply Supervisor (EAE, MX Support, Centralized/ Decentralized Material Storage and Inbound/ Outbound Shipments) – RSS II
Purpose and Scope:
Provides oversight for all Equipment Accountability Element (EAE), Maintenance Support (MX), Centralized/ Decentralized Material Storage and Inbound/ Outbound Shipments functions.
Functions to include managing the daily document registers (D04), FIL Process, orders parts, reject process, reject management listing, Due-Out cancellation process (DOC), Due-out-validation process (M30), Tracer action required (TAR), SDR Process, Semi-annual Classified receipt authorized listing review, annual bench stock validation (S04) Monthly Bench stock validation (M04) Organization code creation in ILS-S, Annual Surveillance visits to customers, Quantity chance, establish details, deletion of details, quarterly bench stock visits, DLADS withdrawals, Special Requisitions (SPR) processing, Shipment Loss Analysis Listing (M-16), Daily Priority Monitor Listing (D-18), Daily Supply Surveillance Report (D20), Delinquent Outbound Shipment Listing (R-40),  Document Control Listing (R-59), Record Reversal Process, Out process customers, Annual Standard Reporting Designator (SRD) Analysis, MICAP Process, Supply Assistance Request (SAR), as required reports, Cataloging Stock Number, shipment request process, Interchangeable substitute group (ISG), annual Org Record/Detail Clean-up List (NGV340), Adjusts Equipment Account Custodian Listing, Semi-Annual Supply Discrepancy Report (SRD), and Non-Catalog Control. Must conduct Block I, Block IIA and IIB training, Degraded Operations, End-Of-Year Operations.
Functions to include Annual Organizational Visit, Mobility Equipment Deployment/Return (1ED), Mobility Equipment Transfer (1ET), In-Use Identity Change (FER/1SA), Serialized Flags (XBH/DSR), Inter-Custody Receipts and Transfer (FET), Equipment Detail Load, Delete, Change (FCI L/C/D), Transaction Allowance Change Request (TACR), Out Process Members, FIL Process (D043), Equipment Receipt Input (FED), Redistribution Order (RDO), Monthly Weapons/COMSEC Reconciliation, Serial number Change (XS1), Pre-Post Equipment Turn In, Repair & Return (RAR), Special Allowances,  Orders equipment utilizing SCOG EME Request Form, Master Jacket File Review, Commander & Custodian Account Updates. Conduct Block III CBT initial training and initial and biennial SPRAM training.  Account for all OGMVCs in AFEMS or Support Equipment Accountable Property System of Record (APSR).
Responsible for working and reporting monthly FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness) items to include Shipment Suspense Detail (99S), Monthly 99S Validation, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Data, Equipment DOLIs, CA/CRL (R14), Deployed Equipment, EAE Annual Organizational Visits, DPAS training, GPC/Pilferable Listing (R-15, or locally developed listing), Special Purpose Recoverable Authorized Maintenance (SPRAM) Management/ SPRAM (R-25), Annual Configuration Data (TORC),.
Functions to include proper pack, wrap and ship functions, reusable container monitoring, proper shipping labels, hazardous cargo requirements and potential Air Force aircraft shipments. Need to be able to build crates in accordance with item National Stock Number (NSN) specifications, need to monitor the base 451 reusable container program. Needs access to SPIRES and WRM (Wood Packaging Materials) system for crate specifications. Works SDRs (Supply Discrepancy Reports) and R-40 listing. Must be able to escort trucks to and from main gate (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, Roadway) for a time equaling roughly 15% of each day. Must be able to coordinate with units for classified shipments to be issued out same-day as there is no certified classified storage area.
Essential Responsibilities:
Supervises and performs item and monetary accounting and inventory stock control, financial planning, and funds control. Computes requirement, determines allowance, and researches and identifies supplies and equipment requirements. Supervises and performs operations involved in storage, inspection, identification, and receipt of property. Responsible for facility safety and security. Conducts inventories. Operates automated equipment, special purpose government vehicles, and material handling equipment.
Provides support to maintenance activities. Coordinates with maintenance activities on repairable component actions. Controls and issues bench stock property. Obtains material required for equipment modification, periodic component exchange, and bills of material in support of maintenance.
Controls stock rotation to prevent deterioration and permit maximum use of dated and technical order compliance assets. Coordinates with customers regarding priority of deliveries and destination points. Establishes controls to deliver expedited requests within prescribed time limits. Supervises central receiving activity; coordinates requirements for shipping with transportation.
Performs technical material functions. Develops methods and improves procedures for storage and issuing property. Plans use of storage facilities. Inventories supplies and equipment.
Prepares statements of facts surrounding property loss, damage, or destruction through causes other than fair wear and tear. Establishes property locator system.

Issues, delivers, and transfers property. Issues, ships, delivers or transfers property from issue, shipping, or transfer destination points through coordination with customers. Controls issue of classified sensitive, and controlled items, obtaining custody or document receipts. Complies data for storage and occupancy planning reports. Pulls, issues, and bins bench stock property.
Plans and schedules material storage and distribution activities. Ensures availability, and controls use of space, material handling equipment, and required spare parts. Establishes fire prevention and safety standards, and ensures compliance. Determines requirements for storage, including those for classified, sensitive, radioactive, hazardous, mobility readiness spares packages and flammable property. Ensures protection of personnel. Prevents deterioration, contamination, and destruction of property.
Maintains assigned unit vehicles.
Provide cross utilization support to other Supply functions as directed by Logistics Supervisor.
All other duties as assigned
Minimum Position Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:
Must have a working knowledge of Integrated Logistics System – Supply (ILS-S) and Air Force Equipment Management System (AFEMS) data bases Support Equipment Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) processes, and procedures. Must be familiar with procedural Air Force requirements AFI 23-101, AFMAN 23-122 and AFH 23-123, AFMAN 23-203 ILS-S User’s Manual, DoD MANUAL 4140.27, VOLUME 1 AFI 24-602, Volume 2, CMOS shipping system, HAZDEC qualifications, and various Technical Manuals used to manage assets. 
Associate’s degree in related field such as logistics, or equivalent applicable work experience in the AF supply systems with an emphasis in some or all of the following Equipment Accountability Element, Maintenance Support, Centralized/ Decentralized Material Storage and Inbound/ Outbound Shipments, is preferred.  A minimum of two (2) years relevant work experience with a proven track record in scheduling and managing others.
Must possess and maintain a Secret level security clearance. Possess a valid state issued driver’s license. 

Work Environment, Physical Demands, and Mental Demands:
Must be able to operate up to a 10k capacity forklift and utilize material handling equipment. Must have a general knowledge of the Air Force warehouse supply functions. Must be able to repetitively hold/balance, reach, flex position, twist, stand, walk, stoop, kneel, squat/crouch, climb, and sit (all for short or long periods of time). Must have a full range of mobility and endurance and be able to lift objects that weigh a minimum of 45 pounds. Constant sitting while using the computer terminal, constant use of sight abilities while reviewing documents, constant use of speech/hearing abilities for communication, constant mental alertness, must possess planning/organizing skills, and must be able to work under deadlines.
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