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Description/Job Summary

Description/Purpose Of Position:

Coordinate, schedule, and lead the work activities of the vehicle maintenance shops to ensure all assigned work is completed safely, timely , and in accordance with all Federal, State, local, and contract requirements. Follow company and departmental policies and procedures. Receive general oral and written instructions from the Transportation manager.

Supervises and performs the scheduling and analysis of maintenance performed on vehicles and equipment. Uses a computer to manage the vehicle data collection system and develops local retrievals to obtain specific data. Files historical data and maintains vehicle records.

Supervises and performs Ron Turley Associates (RTA) management system. Inputs data to the RTA computer system and verifies data accuracy. Prepares, reviews, and corrects RTA system products.

Develops local retrieval s to obtain specific data and analyzes this data for specific trends. Coordinates with work center supervisors and using organizations to ensure a timely repair of assigned vehicles. Monitors contract and warranty repairs, status, and funding. Develops and administers long and short range plans and programs for completion of scheduled maintenance and special projects. Programs vehicles for depot maintenance on a five year maintenance plan. Controls and administers the delayed maintenance, accident, and abuse programs. Operates computers, calculators, typewriters. Maintains and files vehicle historical data and records jackets.

Assembles specific vehicular information by extracting and tabulating maintenance data in a logical presentation sequence using automated and manual methods. Prepares data for presentation in tabular, chart, graphic and summary form. Gives written and narrative summaries to meet management needs.

Analyzes data for deviations from specific performance indicators and helps to develop corrective actions.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Education
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent; Associates Degree preferred
  • Experience in functions such as maintenance control or analysis, quality control, diagnostics, or maintenance shop work center, and obtaining parts and materials for use in vehicle maintenance. 
  • Auto mechanic experience is desirable.
Technical Skills:
  • Knowledge is mandatory of: maintenance control and analysis, diagnostic duties, maintenance responsibilities, maintenance data collection and reporting procedures, and small computer operation in support of RTA.
  • Knowledge of proper use of equipment and materials to perform the assigned duties and avoid health hazards to themselves and building occupants. 
  • Possess basic math skills. 
  • Must have exceptional customer service and organizational skills. 
  • Must have administrative skills including keyboarding, basic computer operations, Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, Power Point and DELTEK time and expense system.
  • Obtain and maintain a Top Secret / SBI Security Clearance
  • Ability to plan and organize work to ensure that all duties are completed within established time frames. 
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks and maintain schedule. 
  • Ability to read/write/ speak English, read instructions, rules, etc.
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions and complete all assignments in a timely manner. 
  • Ability to possess professional customer service skills and independently resolve work problems/issues covered by contracts, policies, and procedures.
  • Possess interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of employees and management.
  • Frequent mental alertness, attention to detail, and accuracy to organize work activities and ensure all tasks are completed within established time frames while maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Adhere to all Company EEO, affirmative action, environmental, health, safety, quality assurance, and security programs.
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Arcata Associates is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.